Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Slumber Parties, Pool Resorts, and Peace...Sort Of

We just adore Kylie. We met my good friend Diane, her daughter Kylie, and Kylie's little brother Sawyer, at a resort that Kylie's family has a membership to that is located half way between our two cities. The resort was awesome- it had a water park, a water slide, two pools, and a spa. It also had really comfy lounge chairs that I got to enjoy, but Diane didn't since she was busy chasing Sawyer (who is SO cute!) The girls ended up back at Kylie's for an official slumber party. (Anyone taking on my girls for a sleep over is very brave...inviting twins immediately qualifies as a slumber party.)

What did I do without my six-year-olds following me around? I went to Barnes and Noble and wandered aimlessly and blissfully for almost two hours. Then I hit a bunch of quick errands that would have taken me forever with the girls. Then I came home, collapsed in peace, and watched television without anyone talking to me..."Mama, why is that guy running? Mama! Look at my hair! Mama...Grace is sticking her tongue out at me! Mamaaaaaa....Emma looked at me funny!" Instead, the house was oddly quiet and lonely. I'd rather answer a billion questions and put out fires than to live in a house without the echoes of their little feet. Having a break was nice, but I am so thankful to be a mom.

Just as I am writing this, Emma is tapping my shoulder to show me her dance moves from Vacation Bible School...tap, tap, tap.....and Grace is on my other side, explaining that next Sunday there is a NEW Hannah Montanna, and Lily is going to join a karaoke challenge.

It's never boring around here.

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