Friday, April 08, 2011

Spring Break Wills and Will Nots

It is supposed to be spring. The weather disagrees. It hailed here today! I just turned on the HEATER. :(

I am on a break from school for the next two weeks.

I Will:
  • sleep in
  • read (the pile of books on my nightstand is becoming treacherous.)
  • cook....something
  • visit the ranch- our birds live up at Gidget's now, so we have all kinds of animals to see
  • chill
  • veg
  • catch up on TIVO shows and watch a movie or two on instant Netflix
  • exercise (Jillian Michaels tapes! Woo hoo)
  • do "Where I'm From" poems with my gals. I'm interested to see what theirs will be like
  • tell my husband how sweet and handsome he is
  • paint the kitchen mocha
  • hold the pugs, pet the cats, make voices for all of them...
  • figure out my new computer gadget. It's some kind of pen that transcribes handwriting onto the computer. I won it at the CADA conference.
  • visit with Grandma Otti 
  •  (cough) grade papers so my life won't be insane when I return to school
  • brew tea/drink tea
  • take naps
  • get crafty
  • read out loud to my girls
I Won't:
  • get up before 8:30/9:00
  • make plans that I don't REALLY want to do just because I don't want to say no
  • eat Jeff Smith's delicious unhealthy treats that lay about tempting me to devour them
  • get upset when I see my birds at the ranch (they had to move out due to my daughter's allergies)
  • write blog posts about the daughter I mentioned above because she likes her privacy
  • spend too much time on Facebook or the computer 
  • spend too much time lesson planning for the last 6 weeks of school (even though I'm stressing about how to fit the rest in with 6 weeks left)
  • spend too much time fretting over the number of days I have left of my break
  • watch mindless television just because it is on
  • worry. "Consider the lilies..."
  • complain
  • take out my i-phone when there is a real human being in front of me

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Poetic Food Chain

Learned about the mountain food chain from my daughter today:

The sun gives the mustard plant energy,
The gopher eats the mustard plant,
The weasel eats the gopher,
...The mountain lion eats the weasel,
...The mountain lion dies...then decomposes...
and it all starts again.
The sun is the most important, or there is no food chain.

Now that is poetry.