Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Trip

Me, sometime in the 1970's (look at the pic on the left)

Grace, 2006

Me, October 1979 or 80?

Emma, November 2010

Like mother, like daughter(s)!


I see the divine in my life.

I see it in Jeff's garden, the artichoke plant pushing its way up through the soil, trying its best to become an artichoke.

I see it in the tiny acorns the girls found on our hike.

I see it in every one of Grace's freckles.

I see it in Emma's ability to lift one eyebrow to give me that silly look which ends with both of us laughing.

I see it in the wrinkles of a pug's face, etched with perfection, down to the beauty mark on the side.

I hear it in music- from Emma's clumsy, determined piano playing to the vibrations from Jeff's I-pod as he cooks in the kitchen.

Blessed, blessed, blessed I am.

I love sharing that little moment with God, where I pause and smile, barely believing He knew me so well that he was able to give me my heart's desire with this sweet family.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hope for the Future

These are quotes my students used in their "This I Believe" essays for my class. :)

"I believe that without self confidence and desire, success does not exist." -Christian Pamlenyi

"I believe that if you have the will and the determination, you can achieve anything." - Jakob Thomas

"I believe that sometimes we want life to act like a video game, but in life there is no pause menu, no 'revert to last save' option, or respawning five seconds after dying." -Kenton Kristell

"I believe everything happens for a reason." -Krista Phillips

"People can tell the type of person you are from how you look." -Jace Clark

"I believe that our diversity is what unites us." -Brooke Villalobos

"I believe you can be your own teddy bear." -Rachel Nelson

"I believe no one can shape who you are but yourself." -Rachel Ruhlman

"I believe in freedom." -Ricky Orellano

"I believe money can't buy happiness." - Lexie Hernandez

"Sports have more to offer than meets the eye." -Nathanial Dillon

" Do not tell me who I can and cannot be. I am my own man. I will be who I want to be." Clayton Willis