Thursday, October 18, 2007

Art Shows, Princess Girls, and Royal Pugs

The other night, Grace decided to have an "art show" in the hallway. She set up her easel and got out various stools, art supplies, and pictures. She set up a chair for the "audience"- Emma, the pugs, and me. She gave us a whole presentation about her drawings. "This drawing is made out of glitter. When I made it, I realized it needed something shiny. This drawing is of the sun. I colored it orange and yellow. That is the color of the sun."
On another recent evening, Emma and Grace decided to play "princess and horse." Emma took Grace into my bathroom and did her make-up. Grace came out with pale white eyebrows and smeared red lips, along with her princess attire. Emma was Princess Grace's horse. She whinnied and galloped around the house with Grace on her back, and even held the royal pillow. Sooner or later, Sophie and Olivia joined in the royal event, each donning the princess crown for a short while.
I love all of the estrogen in this house! Shiny tiaras, art shows, and crowned pugs...all of these things make me incredibly happy.

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