Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Interview

The Interview


You are about to turn seven. Tell me how you feel.

Grace: Excited about I'm going to be seven and about the dog and cat party and my presents and I'm excited thinking I'll get dog and cat stuff, like littlest pet shops. And the cake. And the dog and cat ears. And face paintings. And the cake I drew.

Emma- I feel so glad that I could scream. And I'm so excited. It's our seventh birthday and it's a dog and cat party. Those are two of my favorite animals. My very favorites are horse, dog, and cat.

Explain what love is.

Grace: Being nice to people and being joyful. It means you're happy and that person is in your heart.

Emma: Love is your heart. It means...like...caring about people, snuggling with my mommy, snuggling with my daddy, and snuggling with my snuggle pug. Most of all having my whole family around me.

Favorite treat?

Grace: lollypops

Emma: cookies

Favorite kinds of kisses?

Grace: Eskimo kiss

Emma: Mommy kisses

Favorite way to act crazy?

Grace: Run around the house and jump around and make Livvy chase me and then go outside and go down the slide backwards on my back.

Emma: Let Livvy wrastle me.

What are your plans for the future?

Grace: Own a horse ranch.

Emma: I want to be a zoo owner.

If I granted you one wish, what would it be?

Grace: To fly.

Emma: I would have a whole ranch with every animal in the whole wide world.

What is something you worry about?

Grace: Somebody robbing the house.

Emma: When Dad puts Marty outside cuz he goes poopoo in the house.

Describe your perfect day:

Grace: Christmas.

Emma: In the morning it's bright and sunny and I get to go to pony and ride. Then I get to play in my house and play with the dogs. It's a bright, bright day. We have popcorn and watch a movie before bed.

What's the grossest food you can think of?

Grace: Spinach!

Emma: Onions!

Anything else you want to let me know?

Grace: I'm trying to work on a project here.

Emma: I like playing with dogs. I like going to my pony and riding her. I like playing with Livvy. I like to play with Marty, Sophie, and Acer.


CresceNet said...
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Stephanie said...

This is the greatest. Poor Marty has to go outside :( Harsh life for a little dog.