Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Second Grade and The Death of the Toothfairy

Second grade is upon us. My girls seem so big...and toothless. :) (Teeth are falling out at a rapid rate. Grace lost one yesterday, and the week before, the dogs were wrestling and bumped Emma's bottom tooth right out.) Overall, I think the Smith girls have lost 7 teeth in the past four or five months. That's a lot of teeth! I've forgotten to leave dollar bills beneath their pillows so many times that I finally had to come out and tell the girls that the toothfairy wasn't dead, the toothfairy wasn't a flake...no, the toothfairy was just forgetful, tired Mama who owed them each money. They were excited to solve the toothfairy mystery, and I'm off the hook for now.

Other news- Jeff took the girls to get hair cuts before the first day, and brought Grace back with a surprise BOB...10 inches of her hair gone. I was about to get frustrated at Jeff for allowing our daughter to cut off her precious hair without my knowledge when he told me the haircut was FREE because the 10 inches were donated to Locks of Love to make wigs for cancer patients. Oh, dear. How do you get upset with such a lovely, sweet act? Then, when I saw Grace's adorable little haircut with her pixie ears sticking out of the sides and her toothless little grin, my heart melted. Now, Grace wants to grow her hair out again and I am diggin' the short hair. Oh well...she can always donate more. Now my Gracie hippy child is rockin' the retro, flapper 'do combined with a little new wave/girly girl clip-to-the side-action. She's thrown in some dangly Owl earrings to fancy it up a bit. Emma, on the other hand, wakes up every morning and opts for one of three hairdos: low pony tail in the back, modest pig tails, or one of those two hair dos combined with a bandana or headband. She never wavers.

I'm just glad God gave me a tomboy AND a girly girl so I get a bit of both.

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Hi! I just found your blog through CWO. The title attracted my attention. I hope to be back to visit and read some more!