Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fun With the Scanner

I went to dinner at my mom and dad's tonight because Jeff took the girls on a quick, one-night camping trip with some other guy friends and their kids. (Remote, desert tent camping...not my thing.) After dinner, I went up and dug out some photo albums, looking specifically for those homemade costumes I had written about in my previous blogs.
I was able to find pictures of me in four costumes:

The Bride- 1976 or '77

The Gypsi- 1979

The Cat- 1982?

Crest Toothpaste- 1983

Good times!


Stephanie said...

I loved looking at these photos. Amazing how much the girls look like you.

sobeit said...

Great costumes! Imagination is the key! The crest one is my favorite!


Bluestocking said...

That's really cute!