Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Bed

From left: Kid leg, art papers, fat pug, laundry, and pillows.

Clockwise from top left- Emma, Poe, Gus, Sophie, and Olivia

My feet- somehow they ended up with laundry on them. I think one of the girls moved a pile in order to fit between the various animals.

Same crew, better view.

As I angle over, you can spot Grace at the far left, along with all her stencils and pencils. Notice how Olivia takes up the most room on the bed.

From left: Grace, Emma, and Olivia

My bed is a place of both comfort and chaos. Last night this was completely evident. I sat down on my bed to fold and pile laundry. I always do this on my bed because it's a California King (Jeff is very tall!) and I have plenty of room to sort and fold.

Soon, I was joined by Olivia, who likes to sprawl out in the most inconvenient places, like on top of piles of clean clothes, or half way on a pile of papers I'm about to grade.
Later, Grace came in with her new art book. It's got stencils and faces, and you decorate each face with different hairstyles and makeup. Grace needed plenty of room for her colored pencils, stencils, and papers.

Then Sophie (Aka Fat Piggy) wanted up. Jeff calls me a pug enabler because truthfully, Sophie could never get up onto the bed if I didn't help lift her fat buns. But I always lift her because otherwise she whines next to my side and drives me crazy. Besides, she's awfully snugly when the weather cools off. There's nothing like a chubby pug for warmth when your feet are cold.

Emma decided to join us, and proceeded to stencil with Grace. I finished my folding and got out my laptop to check Facebook. I looked down at my bed, and noticed the menagerie had grown. The two cats had joined us as well. They were sprawled out near the bottom of the bed amidst the piles of clothes and colored pencils.

There was no more room for Jeff or Ace in the bed. Ace doesn't want to be on the bed- thank God- because he's old and crusty and smells like a trash bin. Jeff- well he was busy on the computer and in the kitchen, so he didn't notice that his domain had been taken over.
I'm glad I got the camera and snapped several photos of the scene. Someday I know I'll miss this- kids will grow and leave home, pets will get older and pass on. Jeff and I will have the giant California King to ourselves. There won't be as much laundry. It will be comfort WITHOUT the chaos, but I will miss the chaos so much.

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