Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cooking with Pioneer Woman

Much thanks to my friend Stephanie for introducing me to The Pioneer Woman. I LOVE The Pioneer Woman and always keep up with her blog: (, about her kids, her dogs, her horses, her love story, and her cooking. She is hilarious-someone my friends and I would totally hang out with. :) Yesterday, I bought her cookbook. Since Jeff was going on an overnight Jeep trip, the girls and I had plenty of time to mess up the kitchen and lick spatulas. (Two of our favorite things to do.)

I let Grace pick a recipe first. She chose Pioneer Woman's red velvet cake. What can I say? My girl likes fancy food! First, we went out and bought lots of ingredients and two nine-inch cake pans. (I can't believe I didn't have nine-inch cake pans!)
These ingredients are also for several Thanksgiving case you were wondering. :)

Next, we spread everything out. Grace washed the cake pans. We measured, sifted, stirred, mixed...did I mention sifted?... pinched, sifted...there was a lot of sifting to do with this recipe, and let's just say that our sifter wasn't quite up to par. Luckily, Emma seemed to have a knack for sifting. That is...until she missed the bowl and siffted some powdered sugar right on top of Sophie's back. (When you cook in the Smith house, there are always several pugs underfoot waiting for any morsel, crumb, or tidbit to fall. They are greedy beasts indeed!)
We baked our two nine-inch red velvet cakes, mixed the frosting, stacked and frosted them, and...voila!

Today, we had the taste tester of all taste testers, Grandma Otti, over to eat it. It earned a stamp of approval from Grandma, who loves all things sweet, buttery, rich, and caloric.

Next recipe- Emma has selected Pioneer Woman's Angel Cookies. We are very excited to begin another kitchen adventure!

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Stephanie said...

Loooove it! I've made the pizza's, the cornbread, the beans, the meatballs (but made them turkey instead) the French Breakfast puffs...let me think what else...Oh I'm making the sour cream pancakes next....and buying bigger pants. :)