Monday, May 24, 2010

9 Things

9 Things About Emma at 9 years old

1) Emma's voice gets soft and low whenever she answers the phone or tells you something serious. It's a very soothing, smooth, sweet, deep voice. I love it! When she worries, she also gets these dimple marks above her eyes, which we call her "Power Points."

2) Emma is OCD about schoolwork. If the teacher tells her to read 15 pages, she reads 15 pages. She takes no shortcuts, and she would NEVER pretend to read more than she actually did. Sometimes, Emma has a near melt down when she forgets something (like her homework folder in my classroom.) Her worst fear is to "go down on the chart"- she has yet to do that.

3) Emma loves ponytails. She has very long hair at this point, but nobody ever sees it, because she ties it back into a pony every morning. She puts a little barrette in her bangs as well, so they'll stay out of her eyes.

4) Emma is thoughtful. If I am sick, she asks me if I need water. She worries about how other people feel.

5) Emma adores chocolate milk. The more Hershey's syrup, the better.

6) Having Emma around is like have another mother in the house. She reminds me not to leave the fridge open, and tells me not to talk on my phone in the car. "Look at the road, Mama!" She tells her sister not to forget her dance bag "so Mom doesn't have to stop at the house after school."

7) Schoolwork comes very easily to Emma. She excels in almost everything, but when something doesn't come easily, she gets extremely frustrated! She has no patience for the struggle.

8) Emma is obsessed with Harry Potter. She is on Book 3. She cried when Buckbeak died. She would like to drink butter beer and own a wand.

9) Emma takes piano lessons and has a natural talent for tinkering around on the piano. She would like to join the girl scouts as well. (We're on the call list!) She loves to ride her pony. She doesn't care if it is cute, or popular, or "cool"- she wants to do what she wants to do. She is her own girl.

9 Things About Grace at 9

1) Grace is going through a "grunge" period. She hates to do ANYTHING with her hair. She likes her sideways bangs lightly grazing her eyes. She likes to wear rippy jeans and big t-shirts. She HATES pink. Poor Grace- her room is pink!

2) Grace is funny. She does voices for all of the dogs. She has a whole routine for Sophie called "The Lunchlady." She has voices for the birds. She wants them to get married and have a baby named Brucie. She is always thinking of new situations for our household pets. She thinks Poe the cat is a veejay in his spare time--that he scratches records and wears his hat sideways.

3) Grace gets grouchy easily. It has everything to do with her blood sugar. She gets a wrinkle between her eyebrows when she's upset, and she holds a grudge for a long time. You have to feed her, hug her, and tickle her (in that order) for her to snap out of it.

4) Grace is the most limber human being I've ever met. She can do the full splits (either way), put her leg in the air (by her head) and hold it there, and bend all over the place. This makes her a beautiful, graceful (no pun intended) dancer.

5) Grace will stick up for the defenseless. She is very well-liked at school, and when she sees an injustice, she will speak up. If someone is picking on a kid, she will befriend that kid. I love this about Gracie.

6) Grace is sometimes careless with her schoolwork. She likes to get it over with so she can rollerblade outside, ride her bike, dance, or play. She is capable of beautiful work, but often doesn't use her talent for scholastic things.

7) Grace has very long dreams. She remembers them each morning, and tells them to me on the way to school. :) Did I mention she has lonnnnnnng dreams?

8) Gracie loves Soup Plantation. She would eat there every day if she could. She is a strict vegetarian- she NEVER eats meat. She also doesn't like milk, peanut butter, nuts, etc. This makes feeding her VERY challenging (especially since she is apt to get so grouchy when her blood sugar gets low.)

9) Grace is a snuggle bug. When she's tired, she lays with me and calls me "MYYYY Mommy." She is very affectionate. I will be sad when she stops doing this!

Well, those are nine things about each of my lovely nine-year-old girls. I adore each of them--so unique and beautiful in their own way. I am lucky to be their mother. This makes me wonder...what are nine things my girls would say about me?

Another blog, perhaps.

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