Friday, April 08, 2011

Spring Break Wills and Will Nots

It is supposed to be spring. The weather disagrees. It hailed here today! I just turned on the HEATER. :(

I am on a break from school for the next two weeks.

I Will:
  • sleep in
  • read (the pile of books on my nightstand is becoming treacherous.)
  • cook....something
  • visit the ranch- our birds live up at Gidget's now, so we have all kinds of animals to see
  • chill
  • veg
  • catch up on TIVO shows and watch a movie or two on instant Netflix
  • exercise (Jillian Michaels tapes! Woo hoo)
  • do "Where I'm From" poems with my gals. I'm interested to see what theirs will be like
  • tell my husband how sweet and handsome he is
  • paint the kitchen mocha
  • hold the pugs, pet the cats, make voices for all of them...
  • figure out my new computer gadget. It's some kind of pen that transcribes handwriting onto the computer. I won it at the CADA conference.
  • visit with Grandma Otti 
  •  (cough) grade papers so my life won't be insane when I return to school
  • brew tea/drink tea
  • take naps
  • get crafty
  • read out loud to my girls
I Won't:
  • get up before 8:30/9:00
  • make plans that I don't REALLY want to do just because I don't want to say no
  • eat Jeff Smith's delicious unhealthy treats that lay about tempting me to devour them
  • get upset when I see my birds at the ranch (they had to move out due to my daughter's allergies)
  • write blog posts about the daughter I mentioned above because she likes her privacy
  • spend too much time on Facebook or the computer 
  • spend too much time lesson planning for the last 6 weeks of school (even though I'm stressing about how to fit the rest in with 6 weeks left)
  • spend too much time fretting over the number of days I have left of my break
  • watch mindless television just because it is on
  • worry. "Consider the lilies..."
  • complain
  • take out my i-phone when there is a real human being in front of me

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Stephanie said...

Yours the second blog post I've read this evening about one of the daughter's not wanting to be mentioned in the blog because of privacy...*sigh...they're all just getting to big. Hope your spring break and BIRTHDAY are lovely :)