Monday, March 05, 2012

Texting, Texting, 123

My daughters are texters. They are texting queens. They are textaliscious.

Here are some of the texts I've received in the past couple of weeks:

From Emma (after a fight with Grace): "Now I'm hurt in the inside AND on the outside!"

From Emma (after Grace wrote a poem about her for school): "I don't approve of Grace's poem."

From Emma: "Please come home. I'm board."
My reply: "I'm on my way in a jiffy. Bored is what you are. If you were board you'd be made of wood. Or used for surfing. Or skating."
Emma: "I like how you said 'jiffy!!' Ha ha ha."
Me: "I like you."

Emma (while I was at work): "Please answer your phone it is really important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( Please please please please please please please!!!!!"
Me (calling her because I think the house is on fire or someone is dying): "What?"
Emma: What is the plural of toast? Is it 'toast' or 'toastes?'"
Me: " called me at work to ask me the plural of toast?"
Emma: "Dad and I have a bet."

Grace (referring to her book): "Somehow I read a chapter in my sleep."

Grace (referring to her headband): "Did I leave my headband?"
Me: "Yes. I have it."
Grace: "I have a nether one I'm wearing so never minde."

Grace (updating me on the birds at the ranch) "Guess which one is bing friendly?"
Me: "Sugar?"
Grace: "U got it."

Texting is not the most magnificent or deep form of communication, and yet it tells so much about the texters. Emma: detailed, dramatic, and determined. Grace: short and sweet, offbeat, spelling unique.

I wonder what my mom would have received from me if we had texted when I was a fifth grader. It probably would have been extremely emotional,  overly sensitive, whimsical rhyme. :) I can see it now...

Me: "Mom, I wish you wouldn't force me to ride the bus. It is an instrument of terror."


"Mom, fractions are bad for my health. I wish to take a sick day!"

Even worse---

"Dad, if I have to eat another Sizzler meal in this lifetime, I will perish, I just know it!"

:) hee heeeeeeeeeee heeeee

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