Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Buddy the Old Guy

We didn't mean to get another pug.

Then, we met Buddy.

He was sitting in the pound looking wrinkly and handsome, lost and alone. He didn't know what hit him.

His owner of 8 years had given him to a friend because she "couldn't care for him anymore." The friend kept him a year and then decided the same thing, so she dropped him off at the pound about a half an hour before we got there.

We decided to adopt Buddy, for my mom if she would take him, but if not, for us. It soon became clear that Buddy was our dog.

He is deaf.

He is almost blind.

He snores louder than a garbage truck at 5 AM.

He loves us.

Why do people think it is OK to give their dogs away? This old guy barely had a chance at the pound. Seriously, who adopts 10-year-old deaf pugs?

We do...and we're better for it.

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