Saturday, June 24, 2006

Graduation Day

Emma and Grace went to the most adorable preschool on earth, Murrieta Ranch. At preschool, they were able to play in a playground that had a sandbox inside a barn, a Thomas train, and another playground called Old Town. On the premises of the preschool, they have two baby goats named Sugar and Spice, two giant pigs named Hugs and Kisses, and various ducks, chickens, doves, and birds. Their teachers were so sweet, and the atmosphere was so warm and comforting. The front room of the school always smelled like cinnamon candles!

Today, the girls graduated from pre-K. The graduation was absolutely hilarious. The kids rocked out to the "Rock and Roll ABC's", and each preschooler had a speaking part, telling the audience what they'd like to be when they grow up. (At least half the class wants to be veteranarians, including Emma. Grace wants to be a "house builder".)

I don't remember preschool graduation being that big of a deal when I was little, but for the girls, it was huge. It was an even bigger deal when Grandpa Tom and Grandma Kelly painted the car and brought balloons, and my mom and dad brought the girls flowers. I can't imagine what it's going to be like when these girls graduate from high school and college. We feel so blessed by them that the whole world seems to celebrate their milestones and accomplishments. As a mom of twins, I especially feel like each step is a moment to savor. I get to go through it with them once, and I'm enjoying every bit.

We finished the evening by letting the girls choose where to eat for dinner. They voted on Mimi's Cafe, which they think is the fanciest restaurant on earth (I think that's so funny!) They love the chicken decor in the restaurant, and Emma is addicted to the corn chowder! PLUS, what is the dessert for kids at Mimi's? Worm cups...chocolate pudding mixed with oreo crumbs (the "dirt") and gummy worms. Not too bad to top off a graduation day!

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