Monday, July 31, 2006

Camping Trip #2: Ventura

Our second camping trip, to Emmawood Beach in Ventura, was wonderful. The campsites at this primitive campground are right next to the beach. Jeff's sister Jennifer came for beach time and dinner with our niece and nephew, Harley and Kelly. Kelly ended up staying the night with us and we dropped her off in nearby Santa Clarita the next day.

The girls had so much fun making a huge sand fort with their cousins. Later that night, we had barbecued chicken, salad, angel food cake, and smores. (Why does food taste even better when you're camping?) The girls got in their snuggly pj's and played princess checkers with Kelly. We all fell asleep with the sound of the waves in the background. It was so peaceful and wonderful!

On our second day, we went into little downtown Ventura and ate at an awesome vegetarian restaurant, had dessert at Ben and Jerry's, and hit every antique and bookstore we could find. Jeff was in awe of my ability to find shopping even while camping! :)

The two best parts of our trip:
1) We saw a seal, who swam right up in front of our site (he was so close we could see his whiskers!)
2) Dolphins migrated by (they seemed to travel in threes and would come up out of the water together in their little groups!). I even caught a dolphin fin on film!

Next trip: Bishop, for my friend Jenni Smith's wedding! It'll be our first really long drive and we'll be staying four nights instead of one. We can't wait!

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