Friday, August 18, 2006

Kindergarten Rocks!

My gals were ready to go to Kindergarten. They were pumped. They were giddy. They were anxious. They were (sort of) nervous. But they were ready.

They were so ready that although they have afternoon kindergarten, both of them were up and dressed the first day at 7:30 (when I go to school.) Jeff took them on a walk with the dogs and they wore their backpacks even though kindergarten didn't start for another couple of hours.

Although it was my first day of school too (teaching), I was able to leave school to go to the first day. Jeff and I sat with all of the other parents as Mrs. Sehorn read "The Kissing Hand", a book about a little racoon going off to school for the first time. His mother kisses his hand, and he's able to put his hand on his cheek all day to remember his mother's kiss. All of the parents kissed their kindergarteners' hands, and the kindergarteners kissed our hands, and we left. Emma and Grace were ready. "See you!" they said, and turned back toward their class. Jeff and I walked out, both of us in shock and amazement that we've come this far. Our little ladies will never NOT be in school again, until they're grown up with jobs and kids of their own. I think it tripped us both out a bit!

It was an especially important day for Jeff. I think he savors every moment just a bit more since he missed so many milestones with Matt. Being a part time dad was always tough on Jeff, and now that Matt has moved out of state--and doesn't try to keep in touch...:( :( :( ---Jeff knows how fleeting the time is. I'm so happy to watch him being a daddy EVERY step of the way. He's in his element, and happiest when he's with "his three girls." And hopefully Matt will mature and leave the late teenage "I don't care about you" years behind enough to realize how much his dad adores him. (We all do...) That's my prayer for the future.

Embrace your family today. It goes by quickly!


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