Friday, September 15, 2006

Horses, Green Paint, and Snorin' Sisters

Emma's new room is a horse room. We love it! It looks like a giant quilt. She has my old trundle bed, denim curtains, a patchwork, horse quilt, bright green paint, and a new wood floor.

I decided that the girls needed to be in separate rooms because they spent way too much time giggling and messing around when it was time for bed. Since this was the room's millionth transformation, we wanted it to be perfect! We spent lots of time tearing out the carpet (me), painting the walls, putting up the wainscotting, laying the wood floors (that was Jeff), and putting my old bed back together after moving it from the playroom.

The result? A beautiful room that Emma likes to play in but has only slept in once.


Why, you ask? Emma says that if she sleeps in her new room she'll get scared and miss Gracie.

"What will Gracie do to help you if you're scared?" I asked the other night.

"I don't know...she's just there. I can listen to her breathing," Emma replied. "And she snores, but that's OK."

My girls...former "womb" mates who are comforted by each other's steady breathing in the night...even if there is snoring involved.

Everyone should have someone like that.

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