Saturday, October 07, 2006

It's Fall

In Murrieta, Fall is evident in small ways. Here and there, a tree has changed colors, almost half-heartedly, knowing that the winter ahead will be mild. Every few miles or so, a feed store or gardening company puts out its fall pumpkin patch, complete with a petting zoo and corn maze. Although we don't have splendid "take you breath away" fall spectacles, the feeling of fall is still in the air. It's in the pencils in their yellow boxes, stacked perfectly in the bins at Target. It's the neighbors, who change the decor in their yards to reflect the harvest season. It's the coolness at dusk, prodding us to grab a sweater, because we know we won't be lingering in the hot summer air. It's in the feeling of rain coming, the pumpkin latte's at Starbucks and pumpkin crumble cake at Costco. It's in my daughters' laughter as we get down the "fall bin" from the garage, with its squirrel napkin holders and yellow and orange placemats. It's the glorious idea that Halloween is near, and they'll be able to change their identities for just one evening, knocking on strangers' doors and eating bunches of candy. It's the glorious feeling of knowing that Thanksgiving and Christmas are on their way, and that family and celebrations will become the focus. As a kid, I listed fall as my least favorite season, but now I think it competes with winter as my favorite. I love the coziness of fall, evident in my house, full of yummy smells like apple cinnamon candles and food in the crock pot.

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