Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Camping Queens

We had a quick November camping trip at Woods Valley Kampground in Valley Center, outside of Escondido. We camped with the Saylor family, and it was so relaxing! We napped regularly, played poker, walked to the campground fishin' pond and petting zoo, and let the ladies ride their bikes and scooters around.
The campground petting zoo was touted on the internet as something worth seeing, featuring a pig, a goose named "Silly Goose", some goats, chickens, and ponies. Unfortunately, only the ponies lived up to the website's description! The pig was a GIANT FILTHY BEAST, lying in a mud pit between some wire fencing. It got up once, and was the size of a small horse with squinty eyes and a mud-caked hide. When Sophie (our pug) saw the pig, she threw up! (Probably not in disgust, but rather from eating stuff the kids dropped...but still pretty dang funny!) Silly Goose, we found out, met her maker last year when she was eaten by some coyotes. (We told the girls that the goose flew south for the winter.) The goats had to live lodged between the stinky pig pen and the chicken house. Overall, yuck!
When we got home yesterday, Grace was still talking about washing the stinky pig, and Emma was cracking up that the pig was so stinky it made our dog barf!

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