Sunday, June 08, 2008

Celebration of Life- PMS

My dad sent the following email and it just CRACKED ME UP. I've added pictures of PMS Kitty, and I am not changing Dad's spelling or grammar.
(By the way, we named the kitty PMS when she transformed from a normal cat to a bipolar attack kitty who will attack at any random moment.)

Dad's Email:

Hi everybody, Well if you didn't here by now our 20 plus year old cat died! So I've decided we should have a celebration of life at the grave site soon. Well maybe everyone should just toast her in your own way privately. She was the only animal I brought home from the famous UTC pet store. Antoinette told me one cold day in February 1988 to bring home a cute little "Sweet Kitty"! Well I thought I did, until she ate my hand one day, hence the name PMS. You could pet, stroke and scratch, listen to her purr then from nowhere she would attack your hand, face, arm in fact she would bite . If you walked to close to her enclosed bed a paw would find you and draw blood sometimes. Yes even guests were warned about getting to close. People would tell me "what the %^*#@ that damn cat just bit me"! The Pugs stayed their distance and even Otties Dalmatian would walk around her. Before her first heat we had her fixed but she went through a false pregnancy and her belly dropped and never returned up. So when she walked she waddled, hence another name "Alien kitty". I once painted a car in my shop in Bishop and forgot she lived in there , when I was finished she meowed and staggered out side totally intoxicated. Her last days she became deaf and would scream meow at us. Well the garage is now clean of all the hair, no more missed cat box stories, the non stop meowing has stopped and we can now stop buying band aids. Funny though I still look for her when I go out to the garage. She was a good pet, I know where's the Kleenex? Later Neil

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