Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Great Meatball Caper and the Missing Tooth

Two plates of meatballs mysteriously disappeared from the table after dinner last night. I had asked Emma and Grace to please rinse their plates and put them into the dishwasher when they were through eating. The girls didn't like their meatballs, so they left the table (and their meatballs) and ran back to play with cousin Ian.


Who ate the meatballs?

I checked (and photographed) each dog.

Marty did not eat the meatballs.

Sophie did not eat the meatballs.

Acer did not eat the meatballs.

Guess who ate the meatballs!

Poor, sad, greedy little grub pig Olivia ate ALL of the meatballs. I haven't seen a pug in a more pained and depressed state since Sophie at all of my Christmas chocolate and wound up at the emergency vet. ($$$$) Olivia, who usually follows us from room to room, sulked lethargically under Emma's desk and looked like she wanted to DIE. She threw up numerous times, and we gave her some water which she barely had the energy to drink! She rested her little chin on the water bowl. Later, we lost Olivia again and found her under Grace's bed; she was overcome with misery.

Emma was devastated that she allowed one of her animal friends to suffer, and she also knew I was very upset at the whole thing. She wrote me the sweetest note (To "MoMo"- for some reason she always spells "Mama" wrong) about how sorry she was and how she hoped I would get "unmad" at her.

As if missing meatballs didn't provide enough drama, Miss Gracie lost one of her bottom teeth and then dropped it while playing with it on her bed. The tooth was nowhere to be found! Grace was very concerned that the tooth fairy would not leave her $$$$ if she didn't have the tooth, so she wrote the toothfairy a very concerned letter. :) (Click on either of the girls' letters to make it bigger so that you can read it.)

What can I say? Even though it's summer and we should be relaxed and carefree, there is NEVER a dull moment around here.

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Stephanie said...

Oh boy...poor lil Oliva....Thank goodness the tooth fairy is all knowing ;) Hope she made some money off it!