Sunday, July 27, 2008

Packing/San Diego/Grasshoppers

This is a picture of the girls sneaking into my suitcase as stow-aways. I'm packing to go to AVID Summer Institute in San Diego, and they decided they'd hitch a ride. Now, as I write this, they're loading each other into the rolling suitcases and giving each other rides down the hallway, saying, "Man, I packed a lot of stuff!"

AVID Summer Institute is so much fun. There are ten of us going down this year, all women from my school. We have class during the morning, lunch on our own, site team stuff in the afternoon, and then we're free during the evening. We go to all of the fun San Diego spots: Old Town, the Gaslamp, Pacific Beach, Fashion Valley, etc. Good times!

And now for the grasshopper story....

Jeff rescued a million dying plants from Lowes. He basically got almost $1,000.00 worth of greenery (trees, plants, etc.) for $15.00. The man has a green thumb! He composted a few plants that were too dead to save, and the rest were resurrected. We have plum trees, boysenberry bushes, tropical, flowering plants, bougainvillea, etc. ANYWAY, the girls and I were helping Jeff pull weeds on one of our hills when we found a GIANT grasshopper. The gals immediately went to get their bug house, and put the grasshopper in it. They kept him there all day while our family worked in the yard.

Later that evening, as we were cleaning up, I told the girls that I felt sorry for Mr. Grasshopper, and they should let him go. They agreed, and went out to the back yard to do so. Suddenly, Jeff and I heard squealing and belly laughs from our back yard that lasted quite a while. When the girls came in, they were laughing so hard they could barely tell us what happened. Apparently, they opened the bug house to let Mr. Grasshopper out, and he hopped out right onto Olivia's head. Just imagining little Livvy pug with a giant grasshopper on her head had our whole family cracking up again. My new nickname for Olivia is "Young Grasshopper."


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