Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This guy still makes my heart pitter patter...especially when he looks beachy like this. I love the way his eyes get crinkly on the sides. They get more crinkly as the years go by.

What I like about him...

He looks at me as though he is absolutely in love with me...after 17 years of being together almost non-stop.

He is eternally patient, through hectic mornings, chore days, fighting twins, and even (gasp!) PMS.

He has the most wonderful sense of humor.

He is handy. He just redid my closet floor. He builds bookshelves, tv consoles, and love seats. He cuts and hangs crown moulding and bead board perfectly. He paints, installs wood floors, fixes cars, and installs water softeners. If he doesn't know how to do it, he'll figure it out.

He has a green thumb. He makes EVERYTHING grow, bringing home almost dead plants and nursing them back to life. He keeps a garden and recently grew tomatoes, zucchini, lettuce, cilantro, asparagus, and watermelon.

He unclogs toilets, cleans up cat puke, and does the dog poop duty without EVER complaining. He also kills big, ugly spiders.

He is the most magnificent, fun dad ever. He builds snow forts, puts up tents for camping, makes a perfect smore, and never complains about blanket forts in his living room.

When I watch him walk by, or see him with my girls, I still have some of that "take my breath away" love that I had for him in 1989 when he sat in front of me in 11th grade history, or in 1993 when we reconnected, or in 1995 when we said "I Do" or in 1999 when we danced to Dick Dale's surf guitar on New Year's Eve, or in 2001 when our sweet girls were born.

Overall, I like him better now than I did 17 years ago when he came to my door, taller and older than his high-school self. I am so glad we found each other on this big old planet. I think God put magnets in our souls. :) (Sorry...a bit of my 17-year-old self comes out when I think about him sometimes, and I begin to over-romanticize.)

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Stephanie said...

oh 1989...doesn't seem that long ago...It still amazes me that you reconnected and got married :)