Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sharing the Harvest

Rice on the face...
More rice victims.

Water squiring was Emma's favorite job.

People lining up for boxes of food, all donated by the school and the community.

Our amazing culinary students serving the food they prepared. (Isn't our cafeteria lovely?)

The turkey carvers. :)

My girls and me...sharing the harvest! :)

The booth. The kids with their backs to us have rice all over their faces.

I haven't updated my blog about work lately. After a year of teaching middle school, I realized that my heart was truly dedicated to high school students. They are my "peeps." I had a lot of fun with my 8th graders last year, but decided to go back to high school. I transferred to the new high school in my community. It is a breathtakingly beautiful facility, full of innovative ideas and a sense of community. Yesterday, that was made evident through our school's second annual "Share the Harvest" festival. Through donations, our school fed a full Thanksgiving dinner to hundreds of families. In addition, we gave turkeys and boxes of food to the families, and had a room in our gym full of carnival-style games and jumpies for the kids. As the co-advisor for the class of 2014, I was there all day with my girls. Our booth was called "Get the rice off your face using only your face." Our sweet freshmen were there all day, volunteering their time. More importantly, my girls were able to see how good it feels to give of your time. They left the event feeling grateful for all they have, knowing that for many of the families who attended the event, this was the only Thanksgiving meal they would have.

Our hearts were filled with Thanksgiving! :)


Stephanie said...

I'm glad you're back to doing what you LOVE!

Dawn Rae Smith said...

We actually ended up feeding 1,000 people that day!