Saturday, January 29, 2011


I see the divine in my life.

I see it in Jeff's garden, the artichoke plant pushing its way up through the soil, trying its best to become an artichoke.

I see it in the tiny acorns the girls found on our hike.

I see it in every one of Grace's freckles.

I see it in Emma's ability to lift one eyebrow to give me that silly look which ends with both of us laughing.

I see it in the wrinkles of a pug's face, etched with perfection, down to the beauty mark on the side.

I hear it in music- from Emma's clumsy, determined piano playing to the vibrations from Jeff's I-pod as he cooks in the kitchen.

Blessed, blessed, blessed I am.

I love sharing that little moment with God, where I pause and smile, barely believing He knew me so well that he was able to give me my heart's desire with this sweet family.

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