Monday, January 24, 2011

Hope for the Future

These are quotes my students used in their "This I Believe" essays for my class. :)

"I believe that without self confidence and desire, success does not exist." -Christian Pamlenyi

"I believe that if you have the will and the determination, you can achieve anything." - Jakob Thomas

"I believe that sometimes we want life to act like a video game, but in life there is no pause menu, no 'revert to last save' option, or respawning five seconds after dying." -Kenton Kristell

"I believe everything happens for a reason." -Krista Phillips

"People can tell the type of person you are from how you look." -Jace Clark

"I believe that our diversity is what unites us." -Brooke Villalobos

"I believe you can be your own teddy bear." -Rachel Nelson

"I believe no one can shape who you are but yourself." -Rachel Ruhlman

"I believe in freedom." -Ricky Orellano

"I believe money can't buy happiness." - Lexie Hernandez

"Sports have more to offer than meets the eye." -Nathanial Dillon

" Do not tell me who I can and cannot be. I am my own man. I will be who I want to be." Clayton Willis

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