Thursday, June 21, 2012

Super Pets!!!

 Bored? In a summer funk? Why not get out the project stickers and Dad's bucket of garage rags and change your regular, ordinary, every day pets into SUPER PETS?

 Are they happy? They don't have TIME to be happy. They are too busy figuring out how to save the world.

 The Super Pets have work to do.

Olivia and Sophie are ready to fight against evil.

 Gus plans to use his magic basket to fly out of town and confront the bad guys. (Gussy Boy loves nothing more than a basket.)

 You may think he's mad, but he's not. He just takes his job VERY seriously.

Super Pets!!!!!

*No pets were harmed in the making of this blog.

**Costume ideas and implementation by Emma Smith, Pet Fashionista.

*** Many thanks to Augustus, aka Gus, Ginny Weasely, Sophie the Roc, and Olivia Lou Pie for their cooperation.

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