Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Aloha...We're Five!

Emma and Grace's fifth birthday party was a hit. After arguing over princess parties, tea parties, and horse parties, the girls decided they would rather compromise than split their party into two separate parties. We decided to have a Luau. We had so much fun! Jeff and I grilled terriaki kabobs, my parents brought over two huge trays of fried rice, Costco provided the fruit trays and the cake, and cousin Johnette brought her famous spinach dip. Almost all of Emma and Grace's friends were there, dressed in their Hawaiian attire. They played Bingo and ran around the yard (it was a pretty nice day!)

Even though we had a fabulous time, Jeff and I were pooped! I think we're considering a Disneyland trip instead of a party next year...we'll stay in one of the fun hotels and just enjoy it. Of course, I say something like that every year, and we always end up with the girls asking, "But what about our party?" When I ask them where they want to have it, it's always the same. "At our house, of course!" This is their fourth party in this house! (Their first birthday party was at our Roma Drive house.)

I'm going to post one more blog with some more pictures of our big five-year-old girls. It's a pretty big deal around here!


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