Sunday, March 12, 2006

Meggie and E-Man

My niece and nephew, Megan and Ian, are such huge blessings in my life. I remember when my sister had Megan; I was an overworked college student living in Huntington Beach, newly married and finishing my teaching credential. Danielle was taking some classes at Orange Coast College at the time, so she'd drop little Megan off with me. Megan was only about 18 months old, but I used to crave those visits. I would take her to the grocery store and pretend she was mine. We'd buy balloons and stuff to make cookies and go back to my place to make a big mess. She used to call me "Da". Now, I am affectionately known as Auntie, and she still likes coming over to my house to make crafts. She is wonderful with Emma and Grace, and they adore her. The only reason Emma won't let me cut her hair into a bob is that she wants it "long, like Rapunzel and Megan."

Ian is the sweetest, most sensitive boy we know. He likes hanging out at our house in general. Ian also loves to tell the girls "tall tales". For example, they say things like, "Ian said if you save a sea shell long enough, it'll turn into a sand dollar" or "Ian says that Santa goes to all houses...even the bad kids' houses!" To Emma and Grace, Ian is the guru of all that is knowledge. They have a hard time believing me if Ian says something is true. He's older...he knows things!

I am so lucky to be an auntie who lives nearby. I told Danielle and Jason that I will probably torture the kids once they go to Murrieta Valley High School. Can you imagine? "Megan! Hiiiiiiiiii! It's AUUNNNNNNTIE!" Although I must say that I was doing AVID interviews the other day at the middle school, and I saw Megan. She not only talked to me, but hugged me tightly in front of all of her friends. Maybe I'm only dreaming, but I don't think she'll ever pass up an Auntie hug, even if it is when she's in high school.

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