Sunday, March 12, 2006

Where Does the Time Go?

When you have kids, everyone says the same thing.

"It'll go by really fast."

But...gosh. You think that people just say that to remind you to enjoy each minute. You think that they're just saying it to help you through those stressed out days, when children draw on the walls or spill glue in the carpet. But they're saying it because one minute you're in the hospital, learning how to bundle a baby, burrito style, and the next minute you've got five-year olds!

The two pictures above are proof. Not long ago, the gals were babies in their bassinet (picture 1), or three-year olds on my lap for Valentine's day hugs (picture 2). Now...well, I'm scared to blink, because they'll be ten! Sixteen! Thirty! Where does the time go?

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Anonymous said...

Keep them coming! Of course, I love them everyday. Mom