Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Vacation, Bishop Style

Our friends Christine and Jonathan just emailed us these pictures from our vacation last Thanksgiving. We had so much fun, spending four days outside of Bishop in a cabin (the girls called the cabin "The Cabinet"). Much of our journey consisted of enjoying the great outdoors. We spent a lot of time on trails, four-wheel driving into the back country. I took everyone to see the infamous "waterfall in a cave" in Buttermilk, which was just as beautiful as I had remembered. (It took me forever to find!) We even found a few patches of snow for the girls to play in, and visited the Bristlecone Pine forest. Lots of fun!

Also, our dog Sophie came along (Acer, too old and crabby, vacationed in Havasu with my parents' pugs, Noel and Peggy Sue.) Sophie's boyfriend is Christine and Jonathan's dog Chip, proving that size doesn't matter...only the love in your heart. Hee hee!

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