Thursday, April 13, 2006

One Must Have Tea

When you are five, Spring Break can be stressful. After all, you have the full attention of your mother for two long weeks. Your weary body has traveled to locations such as the water park, the beach, and the ice skating rink (again), and even (gasp!) the dentist. You have spent mornings pondering what you'll have for breakfast....will it be Honey Nut Cheerios or French Toast? Your days consist of swinging on your swingset, loading Barbie and Ken into a horse carriage for a tour, capturing bugs in a bug jar, painting Easter Eggs sparkly tie-dye colors, and swimming in your auntie's pool. With such a busy agenda, things can get a bit hectic! What to do? Why not gather with close friends who are under the same kind of stress and unwind with an afternoon tea? And not just tea....BUBBLE GUM tea and a chocolate chip scones, peanut butter whip sandwiches, and miniature cakes. Feather Boas and fancy hats are a MUST. After all, being a lady of five is such an important endeavor. One must ready herself for Kindergarten, earn stickers on her behavior chart, AND not harass the pugs. My, my!!

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