Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ghost Towns and Twin Adventures with Flat Stanley

We visited Calico ghost town last weekend.
Interesting. Not as cool as Bodie, near Bishop, which is an actual, deserted, creepy ghost town. This ghost town was more like a tourist attraction...a money makin' machine! Apparently, the man who owns Knott's Berry Farm had something to do with it. Instead of empty, dusty buildings filled with ghosts, Calico gave us crowded, dusty buildings filled with tourists and cheaply made, overpriced souvenirs. We did see a peacock and a school that the girls called the "Little House on the Praire" school. (I've been Tivo-ing Little House episodes and playing them for the girls. They are just like me when I was little...obsessed with Laura Ingalls. God bless Tivo!)

The true news of the adventure is that Flat Stanley joined us. Flat Stanley was mailed to me in an envelope from Cole Canyon Elementary addressed to "Anty Dawn" from Ian. I am supposed to take Flat Stanley everywhere with me for two weeks and then send him back with records of his adventures. (See Flat Stanley at the ghost town with Grace in the picture below...)

So far, Flat Stanley has visited Hotel Circle in San Diego for AVID training, eaten at the Cheesecake Factory, and shopped at Fashion Valley Mall. (He liked the Cheesecake Factory the best! Like me, he adores the coconut chocolate cheesecake that tastes like a Mounds bar.) The flat, adventurous little Stan has not only been to Calico, but also four wheel driving through the desert, and to my high school classroom (he's a pretty popular dude!). If only I could take Flat Stanley to Europe or something....ahhhhhh.

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