Saturday, June 16, 2007

Introducing Miss Olivia

One can not help but fall in love with little Miss Olivia. We Smiths needed another pug dog as much as Nicole Ritchie needs a diet. Jeff and I even talked about it...say NO to pugs!
Then along came Olivia.
Two of my friends separately sent me a Craig's list photo of Olivia. The owners had a baby prematurely and they couldn't deal with that PLUS a new puppy. Poor Olivia was in her crate most of the day. (OK...time for the violins...I know, I know!!) I called them because I thought, "She's too cute...they'll find her a home." The man sounded desperate, but he wanted to get $$$ for her since he and his wife had just shelled out $700.00 and the baby coming early meant no work for both of them for a while. I told him I had THREE dogs already, that my husband would kill me, and that I just KNEW he'd find her a home. (Then I gave him my phone number and told him to call me if he didn't find her a home in the next few days.)
A week later I figured all was well...I hadn't heard from the man, and I breathed a sigh of relief, never mentioning it to Jeff. Then, the call. They HADN'T found her a home. They were willing to come down on the price. They were desperate. I told him I'd have to call Jeff and I'd call him back.
Poor, poor Jeff. He started out so certain that it was a bad idea, but all it took was a few "But Honey's" and he started to slowly cave. It ended with him muttering, in defeat, "I guess four pugs can't be that much different than three...."
I had to PROMISE that there will be no more pugs in our family until at least TWO pass away (which could be years and years.) I had to acknowledge that I can't single-handily save all the pugs, no matter how cute they are. Unless we buy a farm and turn it into a dog and pony rescue (instead of dog and pony show, which is what our house is like with all these pugs!) then I wasn't even to LOOK at the pound listings OR the classified "give away" adds. I must go cold (PUG) turkey. Doing this is going to be a piece of cake. Four pugs is a whole lot of pug (even if one is just a chug!)
Miss Olivia (Livvy) is by far the most mischievous pug to date. She's very vocal and will yip and bark at the other dogs if they have the bone she wants or they won't play with her. She is SUCH a snuggle pug too. Surprisingly, Sophie has been the most tolerant of her. (I think she's happy there's another GIRL animal around because the cat and the pony don't count.)
Oh- and why the name Olivia? After Olivia Newton John, of course! Grease....Xanadu....Let's Get Physical....I can't think of a better way to honor my childhood icon than to name my rambunctious pug puppy after her. :)

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