Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pugs, Not Drugs

A few weeks ago I got a phone call from my niece Megan. "What time's the party?" she asked. "What party?" I was worried that maybe I'd forgotten someone.

"Sophie's birthday party!" Megan said. Apparently, Grace and Emma called Megan and Ian and told them that Sophie was turning three (true!) and was having a birthday party. Megan and Ian were all excited and ready to come.

All the kids ended up at my house, and they decorated the whole house with signs that read, "Happy 3rd Birthday, Sophie!" They made little fancy paper cone hats for each of the dogs, and we ate dinner and sang to Sophie. It was hilarious.

The party ended with Grandma Otti passed out on the couch. Too much partyin' for poor Grandma!


Stephanie said...

OK...Grandma Otti sleeping with the hat on~rocks.

nicki said...

That picture of Grandma Otti is definitley a CLASSIC!!