Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Over the Hills and Through the Rivers to Grandpa's House and Hollywood We Go

Jeff and I took the girls to his grandpa's house for Father's Day. His grandpa lives in Monterey Park (close to downtown L.A.). Grandpa moved to an elder care home, and so it was the last get together at his house. Patty (Jeff's mom) and all of her brothers and sisters grew up in the house, so it was especially meaningful to meet there one last time.
Afterwards, being in Los Angeles, Jeff and I decided we didn't want to head straight back to Murrieta. We decided to do the TOTALLY NERDY TOURISTY Hollywood visit. Armed with our camera, we headed for Hollywood Blvd., a place full of tourists and tourist attractions, but NO stars whatsoever.
We saw all of the weird people who hang out in front of Mann's Chinese Theater dressed in costumes. They charge you to take your picture with them as if THEY were the star. We saw Matt Damon and George Clooney's prints from June 6th (I guess they were promoting Oceans 13 and were just there!) Of course, I had to find Marilyn's hands and star. :) The girls, as always, were convinced that we'd run smack dab into Hannah Montana, but we had no such luck. We ate at the Disney Soda Fountain Shop on Hollywood Blvd. across from the Mann's Chinese Theater. It was fun to sit at the counter and watch everyone. The girls ate "Lady and the Tramp Spaghetti" and it was better than any plain old spaghetti, of course! They even gave Jeff a free rootbeer float for Father's Day, which cheered him up some (because Matt didn't call.) On the way back to our car (walking passed the club-goers, homeless people, and millions of t-shirt shops) I said to Emma and Grace, "Well, we didn't see any famous people, but it was fun, huh?" to which they replied, "Uh....Mamaaaa....we saw Tiggerrrrr!!!! Duh!!!" Of course the gals had their pictures taken with Tigger in front of Mann's, and to them, if Hannah Montana is available, a guy in a Tigger suit (desperate for cash) is the next best thing! After the girls fell asleep, Jeff and I drove through the Hollywood Hills and looked at all the gorgeous homes (and hedges AND security fences.) Yowzas, people have a lot of money! Next time, Grandma Toni is coming with us and we're buying a star map. :)

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