Monday, June 25, 2012

Your Vote Is Needed- The Creepy Creeperton Contest

What should two bored moms with four bored kids do on a hot day?

How about heading down to Old Town to take your kids to the root beer bottling company for cold sodas, the candy store for a bunch of sugar, and the antique shop for a creepy contest?

The contest:

Find the most weird/creepy thing in the store. 

Here is where we need your help. We each think our "find" is the creepiest. We need a vote. Please add a comment, voting on which picture YOU think is the weirdest thing. The winner  (whoever found the creepiest or weirdest item) will be choosing the treat of his or her choice. :)

The contest will close on Tuesday 6/26 at 8:00 PM. :)

CREEPY WEIRD THING #1: Dusty, twisted necked baby on a high shelf

CREEPY WEIRD THING #2: Smirking Camel

CREEPY WEIRD THING #3: Doll holding a doll


CREEPY WEIRD THING #5: Demented Shirley Temple

CREEPY WEIRD THING #6: Tractor (not sure this participant knew "creepy" didn't mean "cool")

CREEPY WEIRD THING #7: Statue of a pump/well thing

CREEPY WEIRD THING #8: Porcelain asparagus

CREEPY WEIRD THING #9: Sparkly Lamp with polkadot bow tie

CREEPY WEIRD THING #10: Naked hugging babies. (I personally think the doll in the metal container behind them is also creepy...)


Nicole Steinhaus said...

Fun! I vote the naked babies hugging while the doll in the pail WATCHES.

Tami Slagill said...

I gotta go with #10!!
Super creepy!

Stephanie said...

I think a lot of these are creepy...#1 is really creepy as is the creepy figure in the bucket behind the creepy babies. I want to vote for the green car thing...even though it isn't creepy. I think I have to go with #1 though...

David said...

#4 - old lady doll