Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas Cookies and Outfit Changes

There's nothing like a good girlfriend and a ton of sugary sweets. Yesterday was cookie day at our house. Emma and Grace's pal Kylie came over with her mom Diane and new brother Sawyer. The kitchen was an explosion of flour, sugar, food coloring, and frosting. The cookies...well, let's just say that Martha Stewart's cookies look perfect because she doesn't let four year olds REALLY help.

Emma and Grace have known their pal Kylie since....well, since before they were born. I met Kylie's mom Diane when we were both pregnant. I remember knowing when I met Diane that we'd be friends. It was a "kindred spirit" thing, I guess! We had our first peaceful lunch together at Ruby's in Carlsbad. We sat in the booth with our adorable pregnant bellies and chatted and chatted. The NEXT time we went to lunch was quite different. We attempted to take the girls (who were about 3 or 4 months old) to the mall. We couldn't walk three steps without someone asking us if they were triplets. On top of that, we ended up with the three of them sceaming in a Chinese restaurant. We exited as quickly as possible, dumping out the food. Memories of our peaceful chat at Rubies were becoming faint.

Now, each time we see Diane and Kylie, it gets easier and easier. The girls have a close friend for life! Yesterday, Diane and I heard what we thought was arguing from the back yard. Were the girls having their first fight? No...they were playing Cinderella and the evil stepsisters, and the rough tones we heard were Kylie and Grace bossing Emma, the sad Cinderella. Hilarious.

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