Thursday, December 22, 2005

A Christmas Dinner

Here is a picture of a group of our friends from Murrieta Valley High School. Most of us in the picture are teachers or counselors at the high school. The weekend before school got out for Christmas break, we left the kids at my house with Christmas crafts and three (!) sitters. We started at Erika's house for appetizers (Erika and her husband Mark are seated in the white and blue. Mark just returned from Iraq!)Next, we went to dinner at a new winery in town. (It's pretty handy livin' in wine country!) After dinner, we went to John and Mary's house for dessert. (They are standing on the far right in the red and black.) John was the choir director at the high school until this past year, when he accepted a job at Riverside Community College. This came in handy too, since during dessert he played piano, breaking out all of the hits of the '80's and Christmas songs for Erika and I to belt out. Finally, we came back to my house. The kids and the sitters were happy, and there had been no disasters...the only ones who had passed out were Emma and Grace. :) It was just a wonderful evening. I'm thankful for my friends. Jeff and I have been very lucky in Murrieta. There are just a lot of really nice people here!

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