Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My Christmas Angels

These are my Christmas angels. Five years ago, I was as big as a house (or at least I felt like it!) and waiting for their arrival. Now, these vivacious little ladies are the center of my world. Each day they entertain me with their silly thoughts. An example...Today, they got all dressed up in their princess costumes and came into my closet (where I was getting dressed.)

"We have a Christmas show for you, Mama," they said. They began to sing "Felice Navidad," but instead of saying it correctly, they sang, "Maleese Mateeda! Maleese Mateeda." They twirled and spun and sang....I just wanted to stretch that precious moment out. I know that someday, when they're teenagers, I'll remember their little voices singing the wrong words of a Spanish Christmas song..."Maleese Mateeda!"

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Christine said...

you'll get the hang of this blog thing... I'm addicted, although I've been known to neglect my own blog once in awhile... Wow, your girls are such beauties! Happy holidays!