Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Eve: 85 Degrees but Still Spirited

Christmas was a warm 85 degrees in Southern California!!! The view is of our neighborhood and surrounding hills from our front porch. Although a part of me misses Bishop at Christmastime (when snow would fall), a bigger part of me is just grateful to have my family so close, as well as my two healthy, beautiful girls. We got all dressed up for church on Christmas Eve. It was a lovely, candlelight service, and although Grace held her candle up high like the statue of liberty, we didn't light anything on fire.

My Christmas table went unused this year because we ate chicken tortilla cassarole (a Zakar tradition) at my mom's. We played games and cracked up until the girls were chanting "San-ta, San-ta" and we had to go home. (A quick walk four houses down, and we were there!)

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